Karina Guzman
Amazing people giving you the best deals out here. They have a variety of great products and even let you test whatever you need to ensure you are getting a steal! I got 10 products basically for the price of what 1 would be! Y’all really helping the community out and I really appreciate it
Xochilt C.
Excellent shopping experience! Thee best Family Owned Business in Palmdale. Follow them on Instagram for daily price/product updates. I’ve saved hundreds on brand new kitchen appliances and on brand new boxed furniture. Do not SKIP/SLEEP on these daily deals!
Carmen Garcia
Very Friendly and Great Costumer service ALWAYS & ALWAYS willing to help in everyone’s needs specially testing their products to make sure they work before purchase. Thank You Super Binz :)
Marco Rodriguez
I’m rating this business 5stars ⭐️ even though I have not visited the store physically myself but my mom is there almost every day that she can, since we live in East Hollywood. She is able to get amazing deals and save money 💴. She got me boxing 🥊 gloves, work out gear and clothes!!! Everything is new and named brand!!! I’m grateful for Super Binz. I plan to visit one of these days.
Yesenia Guzman Garkanian
I enjoy coming to the store and getting good deals. I go at random times and always tend to leave with awesome deals. EVERYONE working in there has been super helpful and make you feel welcomed. If I need something checked, I ask one of them. I always see them checking items that people have opened also so I know they are on top of it. They definitely don’t hold out on amazing deals like other places do. I also love that they are a family owned business. I definitely recommend this business.
Aurora Renteria
Super Binz has great deals!! And what’s best is most their items are new!! They don’t mind opening boxes for you and their staff is super polite and helpful unlike other stores I’ve experienced. They make you feel welcomed.
Arisbeth Sotelo
This store is the best store in the av. By far the best deals for a good price. The testing of products and checking to make sure everything is there is amazing. Great employees very respectful to everyone. Definitely check it out.
Jasmine Nieves
This store has great deals evey day of the week. Friendly environment and they make you feel welcome. Was very happy with all the items I bought and they were brand new!!
Stephanie Deluna
Best store in the av. They have a lot of great deals. I got a brand new Hoover board for just $25. The girls in the front help you open boxes and test out products before you buy. All the workers are very nice and friendly. I highly recommend everyone to shop here you will find great stuff at very good price.